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Electric Scooters Servicing

Electric Scooters Repairs London United Kingdom


Get in contact with us today to get a quote or find out what we can do for you. If you can’t physically bring your electric vehicle in to us, we can utilise couriers to pick it up from your home or office. Electric Scooters London works with customers UK wide.


Fixing a puncture on an electric scooter is a nightmare. Save yourself the time and hassle by speaking to us. We can repair all electric scooter punctures and tyres.


Option Price
Xiaomi M365/M365 PRO Tubeless Tyre Upgrade (includes part and labour) £39.90 (per wheel)
Battery Replacement (includes part and labour) £119.90
Xiaomi M365/M365 PRO 
Battery Replacement Original LG Battery (includes part and labour) £199.90
Xiaomi M365/M365 PRO 
General Service (recommended yearly). Applies to all models.  

This includes; a thorough clean, lubrication of all bearings and moving parts, tightening of bolts, and battery voltage testing.

Xiaomi M365/M365 PRO (Quick Service Package)   

This includes; Battery servicing, testing and conditioning. Tightening of bolts, correctly torqued. Lubrication (Bearing & Moving Parts)