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24V 36V 48V 60V Handlebar Grip Throttle LED Digital Meter For E-bike Electric Scooter With Key Switch

Suitable for 12v-99v E-bikes
Fit for 22mm diameter Handlebar
This Throttle grip uses digital display battery voltage display for the remaining battery power regardless of the battery type: lithium batteries, lead acid batteries, aqueous batteries, dry batteries, below 100V electric vehicles can be used, can automatically identify the voltage, real-time display.
  • Name: E-bike Throttle Grip
  • Model: 536928
  • Product Size: 113x 34mm(length * diameter)
  • Cable Length: About 2 meter
  • Yellow Wire: Power + 24v / 36v / 48v 
  • Red Wire: +5v
  • Green Wire: signal
  • Black Wire: -
  • Blue Wire: I/O button such as light, horn
  • White Wire: I/O button such as light, horn
  • Switch: Red Button
  • Note: please don't link wrong wire
Maximum voltage indicates fully charged. The low voltage indicates the battery runs out.
Before the minimum voltage necessary to charge the battery
24V electric car, the maximum voltage of about 29V, the lowest of about 21V (charge)
36V electric car, the maximum voltage of about 42V, the lowest of about 29V (charge)
48V electric car, the maximum voltage of about 54V, the lowest of about 39V (charge)
Installation method:
Speed to the red, black, green three lines, which the red line is the positive pole (the controller must be Transferred to the line of the positive pole line cannot be wrong, remember!), The black line is to turn the Negative, the green line is to turn the signal line, a separate yellow is connected to the battery positive line.
When installed by non-professionals, please pay attention to the line order, do not connect to the wrong line, otherwise, it is very easy to burn Holzer and LED tube
Package Included:
2 X EBike Throttle Grip(Key Switch)

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