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CityBot City Kids Three-in-one Trike Scooter Balance Bike for Age 1-6 Years


The development of balance and core motor control skills is vital for children of pre-school age. In order to aid this vital development, it is important to have the right tools and resources to hand, as this can not only help to boost development in this area but also help to build your child's confidence.


  • The three modes of the scooter can be switched with one key, the material is safe, the installation is quick, and it is easy to place. The three heights are convenient for expansion and contraction.
  • The body material uses PP+30% glass fiber+aluminum alloy, firm in quality, exercises the baby's leg muscles, the pedals can be put into the pedal box, ideal to establish the leg strength, body coordination and balance, can be easily put Behind the car.
  • As children's holidays and birthday gifts, children will be happy. 


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