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Invictus RND M1 Electric Scooter with Removable Battery and Foot Control Accelerator

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INVICTUS RND M1 opens a new SMART TRAVEL ERA. M1 uses Foot Control Accelerator to speed up. Only 15 seconds riders can reach the speed from 0-25KM/H. (The highest speed is 30KM/H.) The smart chip inside the pedal will adjust the most suitable running speed according to its loading and the road condition, riding speed is as smooth as the car driving. There is no recoil force when accelerating and decelerating, giving you an unprecedented comfortable riding experience!


M1 also made great efforts in tire optimization. Different from the 8.5-inch tires on the market, M1 chooses a larger and wider 10.5-inch explosion-proof vacuum tire as its rear tire and the 10-inch pneumatic tire as the front tire, which can easily go through various road surfaces and ease bumps. More importantly, M1 move its motor to rear wheel to propel the entire scooter instead of pulling the scooter also contributed greatly to reducing the recoil.


M1 uses LG UL 2272 certificated Lithium battery, which lasts longer and safer, and doesn't have to worry about the explosion. At the same time, the M1's battery is detachable, simply remove the bottom screw and pull out the bottom cover, which is convenient for drivers who want to upgrade or fix the battery. Each M1 battery is guaranteed for 6 months. If there is any problem with the battery within 6 months, please contact us for replacement.


The M1 is equipped with a dual brake for double safety. Once pressing the handbrake, the E-ABS Electromagnetic Power Brake will cut off the power and then Mechanical Disc Brake will be triggered to reduce the speed for double safety. M1 guarantee the Safety Braking Distance is less than 3.5 meters when under 20km/h speed. Since the motor and brake of the M1 are at the rear tire, there is no situation of overturning when braking. No fear of continuous downhill braking!


M1 uses 36V/5.2Ah lithium battery which will last for 18-23KM under one fully charge (4-6H). Riding distance will different from road conditions and load bearing. Under normal circumstances, we suggest customer to riding at 25km/h. Under this speed, the scooter will enter ECO mode and lower the battery consumption.


How We Give Back

We believe in giving back; We are proud to give 1% of all orders directly to environmental not for profit groups whose focus is the protection, preservation and restoration of our planet. This means every time you purchase from us, 1% goes directly to an environmental cause.